Organisation Validated SSL Certificate

Organisation Validated SSL Certificate 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption installed on your domain hosting account.

In addition to the domain validation the Organisation Validated SSL certificate shows visitors that your organisation's credentials have been authenticated according to a standardised vetting process.

The extra validation with this SSL certificates helps to assure visitors that your organization is who it claims to be, and that they are not on a phishing site.

Organisation Validated SSL Certificate

Please note that an Organisation Validated SSL Certificates takes longer to issue than a standard SSL due to the extra checks involved. The issuing company will contact you or a named representative of your company and may require signed documentation. They will also need to validate your business phone number. The certificate cannot be issued until all these are completed to the satisfaction of the issuing body. If you do need an Organisation validated SSL or want to renew an existing certificate please allow extra time for the certificate to be issued. 

This Certificate does not provide the green URL address bar. If you want this please order the Extended Validation Certificate.